About Frank

Frank was born the son of a motorcycle racer so for him motorcycles are a natural part of his life since day one.
I got my first mini bike when I was nine (kawasaki kt30) first motorcycle at eleven (Rickman 125).
I started racing flat track at age 13 and continued with a fair amount of success thru 16, then all the local tracks closed
and my racing career was over.
I was 24 when I discovered Roadracing and fell in love with the sport,  with the exception of 4 years (92 to 95) off to build a house and settle down a little I have roadraced a full season ever since with great success.
I have raced everything from vintage Triumph's and BMW's to aprilia, Yamaha, Suzuki and of course DUCATI

Some of my highlights are:
2015 AMA Grand Champion in Lwt Superbike
2015 CCS National Champion in F40 Lwt & Lwt Superbike

2007, 2008, 2009 AMA PRO Moto-GT2 National Champion (endurance racing as Touring Sport Ducshop Ducati)

2004 WERA Senior Superbike National Champion
1986 AHRMA National Champion

For 24 years along with racing I also managed a very successful European Motorcycle Dealership.
I have built my own racebikes complete throughout the years (the only exception being the  three endurance seasons when Mark Sutton at Ducshop built my engines) however I still assembled and maintained the championship
winning bikes.
Designing, building, fabricating and racing motorcycles is who we are.