Fast Frank Racing, LLC         
                                    Last Update,  Oct. 3rd 2015   
                                    Welcome to Fast Frank Racing

Click the "On Line Store" Tab to your left to get to our products,
we have captive wheel spacers and quick change wheel kits for
most late model sport bikes, and some other cool stuff.

Ducati Scrambler, Andreani Fork Cartridge Kits Now Available

2015 Yamaha R1 Captive Wheel Spacers, captive rear caliper kits, Rear Stand Lifters and Rear wheel Quick Change kits Now Available.

New R6 Custom Made Front Quick Change Axle Now Available

KTM RC390:  Precision Chain adjuster blocks, Bar Ends, rear stand spools, Captive wheel spacers, Quick change rear wheel kit, & fully adjustable fork cartridge kits are now in stock!

Home of the winning quick change kit in the 2014 Daytona 200

Back in stock, Triumph 675R Front fender mount kits
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